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ARIELLE BRYANT - 10.24.2020





the art:

Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, floats before us in a sparsely lit void.

She emanates from the folds of creation, displayed within the simultaneous space and shape which is birthed by the Vesica Pisces. This Sacred Geometric form is found throughout ancient cultures all over the globe, steeped in meaning and mystery. In fact, it’s meaning just may well be described as exactly that - "Mystery" and the very inquisition of the mind itself.


 In the Sacred shape of the Flower of Life, the Vesica Pisces represents the first outward action of consciousness. Though present in various forms throughout theologies across the globe, In many of their shared stories of creation, first there was nothingness. From this Void,  a single point of consciousness appeared - newly sentient, it chose to split itself and 'move upon the waters' of the void to its own edge, to glean what 'else' there may be. If you are versed in the Book of Genesis, you would likely guess the next step in this journey, "Let there be light". after all, what can be gleaned if nothing can be seen? It might tickle your brain to learn that within the eye-like shape created by this ‘ Venn Diagram’ , mathematicians can extract the equation for visible light. Hardly a coincidence, this shape itself begs the question “what else does she know?".  


Sophia, face cloaked in black herself, obscures the inner eye of the Vesica Pisces - as if to say " you must go through me ". a veritable feminine counterpart to Saturn, except that, the 'me' in this scenario is wisdom itself. her three pairs of hands positioned in various modes of prayer can also be interpreted as the triple aspect of the divine feminine, the Holy Trinity or the mind/body/spirit complex.


She is the unknowable knowing, the journey of the asking is her reward - a reminder that to see the light of truth, one must descend first into darkness as she did before us. She is the asking and the answer, the cosmic oracle from which wisdom may be extracted and then, perhaps, allowed to hover above the grateful like a golden halo. Her softly glowing pink heart seems to remind us that despite her unsettling appearance, at her core she is still a Divine Mother, fueled by the same thing which drives us in our own quest to 'move upon the waters', the kinetic vibration of love. The evidence of this need only be sought in a dictionary through the very word “Philosophy” (Philo +Sophia) which translates to “love of wisdom”.

the song:

An ode to the goddess of wisdom, “Oh,Sophia!” is one of  only a few songs which I can confidently say was truly “inspired”. There were times during its creation when I felt something apart from myself was pouring the words into me. As I sang of the start of my own self realization, I felt a coy yet heavy energy descend upon me. For a moment, it was as if I had taken the form of the mysterious goddess herself and revelled in the idea of releasing the deepest truths of the universe upon man. The song is a cautionary tale of the importance of critical thinking, warning against relying upon faith or fact alone, asking us to find the balance between the two. For however huge the mystery of life may feel, the simple act of ‘knowing thyself’ is the greatest mystery one could ever solve. 


Life after death is like

Life before death,

Nobody really knows

If it’s real.


But, if it’s all fiction

And there is no difference

In the distances between

Zero and my existence..

Tell me then, what is this Spark?


We think, therefore we are.

Oh, Sophia!

We think, therefore we are.

Oh, Sophia!


And then, from nothing, we became.

But, what is this ‘something’ 

That I’ve become?

I first felt it when

I held his face in my hands.

And then, upon second glance,

I saw that it was my face 

That I held in my hands!


I feel, therefore I am!

Oh, Sophia!

I feel, therefore I am love.

Oh, Sophia!


I wish I could show them,

Oh, wouldn’t it be fun?

The looks on their faces -

Children finding out

How the magic trick is done.

Oh, Sophia!

Oh, my Sophia!


So, turn the cards 

In your ten-point-cross.

Look to the stars, speculate

What may come, but..

Do the math or they’ll

Have the last laugh 

At that scratch of a past

In the cracked looking glass 

That, you’ve forgotten how to love.


Oh, Sophia!


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