Graphic artist, guitarist, singer and songwriter, Arielle Bryant is based out of North Carolina. A seasoned performer of over a decade - her sound is raw, vibrant, and provocatively soaking with grit. Compared to acts such as Ani Difranco, Caitlin Cary, St. Vincent and Rhiannon Giddens - This walking, talking, archetype of the Siren of myth, effortlessly obliterates preconceived notions of the all-too-familiar "female singer-songwriter" mold. Fueled by uniquely powerful vocals, her songs brim with poignant, witty lyrics that remain long after the tide has gone out. A force of nature, Bryant's appeal is made whole with wildly catchy guitar riffs and hooks - complete with 'line and sinker' that leave listeners gladly baffled by the enormous energy, unsuspectingly, emitted by this petite bard.



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