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Musician, Artist & Producer  | Raleigh, NC

     A seasoned performer of nearly two decades.... her sound is raw, vibrant and provocatively soaking with grit. known for her energetic performances, intense vocals and witty songwriting style, audiences across the Southeastern United States have always caught a glimpse of this redheaded bard equipped only with her voice & an acoustic guitar - that is, at least, until now...


For the last handful of years she has dedicated her time and passion to learning the ins-and-outs of self production in her humble home studio. The fruit of her labors have been made apparent with the kaleidoscopic release of “Thought Form” - a transcendental sonic experience which reaches for the stars while still remaining grounded in its core message.

Previously limited by the classic bare-bones approach of the acoustic singer-songwriter act, Arielle’s intense and witty songwriting style has only been enhanced through her new electronic medium. Her famously poetic and personal lyrics delivered through powerful vocals now meld with haunting harmonies, divinely deep bass and squelching synths to create more of a psychedelic pop version of her classic sound.

SINCE 2015...

...shortly after the beautiful conclusion  of  the mythic-folk duo that was  "Pisces Rising"  ( comprised of equal parts Arielle Bryant & Austin Moss ) Arielle fell down the cosmic rabbit hole of the electronic music genre. Inspired by artists such as OTT, Shpongle, Bonobo, Tycho & St.Vincent - Arielle made it her mission in life to  learn the ways of digital music creation and the art of production. Her dream since then has been to combine her established style with her love of electronic music. Arielle wishes to translate how she has always heard her songs in her mind, and for others to experience their full effect, beyond simply a  voice and a guitar.


Pisces Rising

( Arielle Bryant & Austin Moss )

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