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12" x 18"

*Please see delivery section for pickup options



    These are limited run items which are intended for local purchase. Once purchased, you will receive a standard confirmation email, followed by a personal email from myself - with details about when the piece can be taken home. 

    Generally speaking, my canvases are meant to be displayed for a set time period in which the venue wishes to have their walls decorated with art. For that reason, the art is not usually available for pickup at the time of the sale - rather, another predetermined date. This varies depending on the venue in which they are displayed. Your personal email from myself will contain these details :) 

    Should you purchase a canvas meant for local purchase only, from outside of the Triangle (NC), your order will be held until shipping costs can be calculated, at which point a seperate invoice will be sent your way. 


    Should you wish to purchase with cash, this is absolutely possible as well. Please email me at:

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