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Renaissance 2021

"There are few things that I have ever wanted more...and now I'm feeling like a moth, pressed hot upon back-lit glass doors." Yes, I'm quoting my own song "Red-Haired & Violent" -- but gosh darnit, I sure do mean it! It's been a long time coming my friends, but after the complete dissillusion of society that was 2020 .. I made a pledge that this would be the year in which I dedicated myself 100% to my music and art. 2021 will be the year that I record my first full-length solo album ( along with a handful of single releases ).. and I'm doing just that. I’m going to treat this year like it’s the last one I’ll witness through these eyes. I’m embracing chaos and bringing service to others with a talent which has long lay dormant in me. My friends - in each and every incarnation as 3rd density beings we are given gifts ... it is our responsibility to find a way to use them for the purpose of enhancing others with them. There is no need to “find your purpose” in this scenario - the goal is to use what makes you shine in order to help others, in any way. I wish to bring others words, sounds and visual arts which stir the mind and connect to the heart. I want to give you those songs which shape your own stories as you write them. The kind of songs which when listened to - ironically - make you feel heard. I’m done with fear and have less than zero f*cks left to give about my image - but I do care about this.

2021 is the year I will sweat, bleed and tear an album out of this frizzy head of mine. If it’s the last damned thing I do. It’s been a long and dark year, Earth..but never forget - the brightest light is that which shines in total darkness.

Have faith. ✨

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