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" waltzing, kaleidoscopic , a secret scene of self-nativity"

ARIELLE BRYANT - 11.16.2021




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The Poem: 

“The Life & Becoming of a Shard in a Stained Glass Window”

I was a mosaic at most - and,
there was a glue that held me fast 

in haphazard patterns 

of what I was meant to be.

Though, in the glory

of the stillest steeple mornings,

from my corners,

I’d catch the light that

flirts between the leaves —


And project upon the pews,

The many hidden and endless hues,
waltzing kaleidoscopic -
A secret scene of self-nativity.


I could only ever sense their presence

Upon their exit - a weightless absence, 

When deep within forgetting “Me”..
The “I” who let loose my own gravity.


The Art: 

Written from the perspective of a single shard of glass in a stained glass window of a church. The shard becomes self-aware through the recognition of the beauty of its own creations - the spectral colored light that dances on the pews. It is a metaphor for my own spiritual awakening, while also a reminder that divinity lives within all of us both individually and as a whole in the gorgeous mosaic of consciousness that we create as one collective.


If only awakening were always this vibrant and colorful- truly, the process begins within the opposite. It is typically within darkness that beings of light are conceived. This holds true in every utterance of the conception of creation itself - yet it is the greatest trick of all.


There is no darkness, only the absence of light.
Every Hero has their dark night of the soul, every song comes from the silence we allow to culminate - like a harvest picked only when all fruits have reached their peak.


 it's only when we recognize the great chasm of potential which that absence yields, our choice to submit to it, with pure intent, is at its greatest point to thrust us into the kinetic role of the manifestor - and also, the manifestation itself. 


I chose to depict the moment in which the light was allowed to come forth and birth the awakening, the exact instance in which the "I" is both discovered and allowed to dissolve away into source consciousness.



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