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the album title

Eudaimonia is often translated as “happiness,” but that’s a bit misleading.

Eudaimonia comes from two Greek words: Eu-: good + Daimon: soul or “self.”


A difficult word to translate into English.

In Greek philosophy, Eudaimonia means achieving the best conditions possible for a human being, in every sense–not only happiness, but also virtue, morality, and a meaningful life.


It was the ultimate goal of philosophy: to become better people—to fulfill our unique potential as human beings.


ARIELLE BRYANT - 10.03.2020





The Art: 
( Subject: The Eudaemonia argus - Also known as the "pink Silk Moth" ) 
The Ancient Greek term Eudaimonia , ​when fully realized, is both the goal and the reward of the time we are given on this Earth. The flourishing pinks and glowing golds of this gorgeous creature may shed some light on why she was so aptly named in homage to the Ancient Greek term - which , among other things, meant to 'have a good guardian spirit". When I stumbled upon this Moth while researching "Eudaimonia" , it was clear to me that it possessed all attributes of the term itself - purpose fulfilled in perfect balance with virtue and beauty alike.


She floats in equilibrium above the hour-glass, a metaphor for the time we are given in each life.

Moving in upward flight, blooming brightly and absolutely vibrating with the harmony of her very existence, she is perfect in her purpose and produces the dust of pure spirit in her wake.

In opposition to her is the colorless specter of her own reflection, her opposite potential, the state of complete purposelessness, consumption and aimless living. The greyscale twin is a reminder of what life could be, and often times is, for the average soul. Never seeking to better oneself, to simply exist as the "animal-man" rather than the fully conscious and realized "human Being" on earth.



Other than the fact that "Eudaimonia" is one of my all-time favorite Ancient Greek words - which I suppose has it's own revelations to uncover about me as a person. It perfectly describes what my music means to me and what my purpose is on this earth. Not only that, but the lack of it is in fact the most adequate description of my greatest fear - which is not to fail at achieving  my musical and artistic  goals, but rather... to live life knowing I never even tried. There is a difference between surviving and living, between flourishing and simply keeping ones head down and yet above water until it is our time to expire. My hope is that this  album will be what Eudaimonia looks like for my soul, in particular - and hopefully...just the beginnings of it. 


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