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Musician, Artist & Producer  | Raleigh, NC


“Sound and Music are something that I experience across the auditory and visual spectrum. I have always seen color and shape when listening to music, but when it comes to songwriting, there is always a complete world in my mind associated with the story I’m telling.

The visual art for “Thought Form” is actually a mental apparition of mine, also known as a “Tulpa”. I created her many years ago but didn’t draw her until October 2020 for “InkTober”. I utilized the yearly drawing challenge to create the artwork for this entire album, dedicating each day to drawing a different song or possible album title. The track art depicts my own personal Thought Form, or more simply put - a willed, imagined being that is sentient and created by the strong thoughts or emotions of a person."

                            -Arielle Bryant


SONG: “Thought Form”

ARTIST: Arielle Bryant

RELEASE DATE: September 17, 2021

AVAILABLE: All streaming and digital platforms


RALEIGH, NC - “Thought Form” is the cornerstone single of Arielle Bryant’s upcoming full-length album, an endeavor that blurs the lines between audio and visual art.


The release of “Thought Form” marks Arielle’s return to recorded music after the 2015 release of “Persephone,” a Greek mythology inspired rock opera born from her experience as a co-founder of the mythic folk duo Pisces Rising. Her two decade career has led to praise of her songwriting and magnetic performing style:        

“A fireball of a singer/songwriter. Her style is poetic and personal, knowing no boundaries. This red-headed songstress can whip out acoustic riffs that alone would leave the listener entranced, but then she spits out quick paced vocals that turn into catchy melodic choruses that stick around for days.”

   - grant golden, the bottom string music blog

"Take one listen to her recorded music, or be there to see her live, and you'll immediately understand the brilliance and sincere talent Arielle possesses."

   - Brad Clark, Metro Area Local Music

  Previously limited to one voice and one acoustic guitar, Arielle’s intense and witty songwriting style has only been enhanced through her new electronic medium. Arielle’s infamously poetic and personal lyrics delivered through powerful vocals now meld with deep bass and squelching synths to create more of a psychedelic pop version of her classic sound.

"Thought Form" is now available on all streaming platforms.



Arielle Bryant - Thought Form (Official Music Video)
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